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Training, Skills is Relevant to Education – Prof. Opoku-Agyemang


Prof. Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, Minister for Education, has underlined the relevance of training and skills development in the nation’s educational system.

According to the Minister, identifying and the involvement of local experts in the training of vocational and technical students could be of great benefit, compared to the capacity building, which donor countries give to developing countries.

The Hon. Minister of Education said these when the UNDP Resident Representative in Ghana, Ms. Christine Evans-Klock paid a working visit.

She said nation would be the ultimate beneficiary if the UN identified local expertise and gave the appropriate supported. This, she noted, would inform labour and industry on the necessary training given to learners at the vocational and technical level.

Identifying local expertise, Prof. Opoku-Agyemang said, would also enable broad interaction among experts because by so doing, ILO would create the platform for the local experts to train students.

The Hon. Minister suggested that education should be linked to all the Millennium Development Goals instead of being given specific Goals since education cuts across all sectors.

Mrs. Christine Evans-Klock, UNDP Resident Representative, said the ILO, UNIDO and UNESCO are proposing to have a joint programme to facilitate the implementation of Ghana’s National Employment Policy (NEP).

She hinted that an Inter-Ministerial Commission has been set up by the UN to facilitate the NEP, and because employment is a sector with inter-ministerial co-ordination, the UNDP has been meeting with the employment ministry on bridging the gap between skills and labour.

She said the UN would like to know whether a joint programme is needed to connect employers, vocational training and employment in the selection of subjects identified in the Government’s strategy to close the skills gap.

The ILO was preparing a training proposal to help bridge the gap between training skills and labour.

The Chief Director of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Enoch Cobinnah, called for support to bring back the technical aspects at the Secondary Technical schools. 

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