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Performance Contract Signed



The Chief Director of the Ministry of Education Mr. Enoch H. Cobbinah, has signed this year’s Performance Contract with his directors at the Ministry with a call on all the directors to be more supportive than ever.

The performance agreement which is a formal plan developed between the Chief Director and the Directors records what is to be achieved, how and by when. The agreement details how progress will be monitored and achievements will be measured.

Mr. Enoch H. Cobbinah reiterated the benefits of the exercise saying that apart from serving as a guide to budget implementation, the performance contract would also enable timely corrective measures to be taken and sharpen performance to ensure that work is better.



He urged the directors to bring on board their subordinates, hold regular meetings with them, reminding them that the success of a team is a collective responsibilty

The Director, Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PBMED) at the Head of Civil Service, Mrs. Mamle Andrews, who represented the head of civil service, said that the exercise is in line with the new policies being chartered by the Head of Civil service. She congratulated the team on signing the first round of agreements and further urged the directors to increase the quality of work done whiles taking measures to add incremental value and keep an eye on the deliverables of their agreement.

She noted that creating symbiotic relationships with fellow directors would also aid in achieving all targets.



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