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New NaCCA Charged To Review Pre-Tertiary Syllabus


Prof Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang, Minister of Education on Wednesday inaugurated a 21-member National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA).

She charged them to immediately carry out a general assessment of the curricular at the pre-tertiary level towards reviewing the syllabi of the various subjects.

Prof Opoku-Agyemang said what is of particular interest to government, is the syllabus for the teaching and learning of languages, mathematics, science and general reading literacy.

The Minister said in pursuit of these, the Council would be expected to as soon as possible, review the criteria for the appointment of members of syllabus panels and assess the process for selecting teaching and learning materials for the basic level and secondary levels.

The NaCCA is one of the three bodies established under the Education Act 778 (2008), as part of the efforts to ensuring greater efficiency and strategic management of education delivery in the country.

It was set up to handle the process of determining the goals, aims and structure of courses at the various levels of pre-tertiary education.

The New Council is under the Chairmanship of Prof Jophus Anamuah-Mensah.

The Minister expressed optimism that with the appropriate composition of the Council, that has individuals of varied capacities on developing education and by extension the future of the country, it was expected that the Council would deliver on its mandate and consequently show evidence with improvement in learning outcomes for all types of learners at the pre-tertiary level of education in Ghana.

According to her, the Council stands poised as a driving force for sustaining quality education at the pre-tertiary level, which is a key stage in the academic experiences of young learners and so members are to take steps to rebrand education at the pre-tertiary level in order to raise confidence in the education system.

She said government had introduced people friendly policies and they have contributed to increasing access to education as well as tracking some of the endemic challenges to education development, such as improving time on task.

Prof Opoku-Agyemang said the members are also to recommend the number of core and elective subjects, as well as new ones, as they become necessary for the educational system.

They are also to review periodically and make recommendations on the linkages between tertiary and pre-tertiary education after consultation with the Minister, the National Council for Tertiary Education, the National Accreditation Board and any other relevant organisation or Agency among others.

The Minister also commended the past members for their contribution.


Prof Jophus Anamuah-Mensah, Chairman of NaCCA expressed deep appreciation for the confidence and trust the Minister and the President have reposed in them to serve in the Council and to see to the proper re-shaping of pre-tertiary education in the country.

He said under his leadership and with the members, the NaCCA was poised to change the status quo, because all the members are people who can refocus education at the pre-tertiary level.

He said people were complaining about the quality of education at this level, so the Ministry was looking up to the NaCCA to bring about some changes, and assured that they were up to the task.

Prof Anamuah-Mensah supported the reviewing of the curriculum, especially in areas of Science, Mathematics and other areas that would bring transformation in education and for the future development of the country, adding that, with the WAEC being part of the team, they would work to turn things around.

He said the team, with the support of the Ministry, would interact with various individuals, as well as the Ministry, to come out with decisions that would help create the road map for the needed transformation to take place.

He was also grateful to the old Council members for their work and assured that they will continue from where they left off.

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